TETRis Project

TETRis aims at organizing, creating, disseminating and monitoring innovative Open Source systems and components in TETRA context for different applications such as emergemcy situation management, environment monitoring, logistics and transports, utilities and services citizen-oriented.


MC3-Care Project

MC3-Care is proposed as a forum in which to analyze organizational processes and new scenarios of interaction between citizens, health care institutions and many others involved in delivering health services. The citizen becomes the focal point of the new health ecosystem and collaborates and shares information with not only health professionals but also with other citizens.


Home Page Enrico Del Re

Enrico Del Re - Full Professor
Head of the Communications and Signal Processing Laboratory Dipartimento di Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni Università degli Studi di Firenze Via S. Marta 3
50139 Firenze, Italy
Tel: +39 0552758586
Fax: +39 0552758570
2nd floor, room 512
E-mail: enrico.delre@unifi.it


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SiMob Project

SiMob aims at carrying out a technological study and test required to develop an integrated mobility services for people. The realization of a Network of Excellence for info-mobility services represents one of the general objective of the project. In particular the main research areas which are investigated are: integration, interoperability and applications


STEEL Project

STEEL aims at developing an e-learning system for university training, able to integrate different media and communication techniques based on an innovative technological satellite-terrestrial infrastructure.



TESHEALTH aims at specifying and developing an integrated system of e‐Health applications and services in order to: increase the person’s control on safety, assure the exchange of heterogeneous health data among different healthcare service, automate the complex healthcare workflow and deploy an integrated heterogeneous telecommunication network which will promote satellite.



CORASMA aims at studying  the application of the Cognitive Radio (CR) to military needs and to assess the benefits of such technique.


CLASS5 Project

Class5 aims at studying  the technologies, the network architectures and the suitable solutions to realize a  Class 5 telecommunications services distribution network  based on PSTN/VOIP .  A prototype network  will be developed in order to test the technological features of the network and the quality of service.


Home Page Alessandro Nozzoli

Alessandro Nozzoli -Technician

System manager of the Signal Processing & Communications Lab.

Information Engineering Dept.
S. Marta, 3 Str. - 50139 Florence  Italy
Tel. +39 055 2758548
Fax +39 055 2758570
e-mail: alessandro.nozzoli (at) unifi.it




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